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Commemorating the composer Isang Yun, Tongyeong International Music Foundation runs the annual Tongyeong intl.
Music Festival, the ISANGYUN Competition, the Isang Yun Memorial Museum, a large music education series,
as well as a year-long concert season at Tongyeong Concert Hall.

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UNESCO designated Music City
Faced with the global trends of deindustrialization and deurbanization, Tongyeong developed the idea of becoming a healing city by promoting healthy and sustainable marine tourism. With music as the focal point of the city´s efforts, establishing knowledge-based creative industries became another objective.
Over the last decade, Tongyeong has initiated large-scale projects such as the Tongyeong International Music Festival. Through these efforts, the city witnessed a sharp increase in the number of visitors, from 3 million tourists in 2004 to 6 million in 2014.
This increase led to a rise of the number of people working in creative industries and in the performing arts field.
Cultural assets of Tongyeong were thus becoming a driving force for the city in achieving sustainable development, and in 2015, Tongyeong was designated as a UNESCO Creative City of Music.